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Estate Sales and
Estate Liquidation

estate liquidation sale location Raleigh NC Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC manages Estate Liquidation for all types of properties, including single-family homes, condos, & townhomes. Contact us today for free consultation.


Downsizing and
Lifestyle Transition

retired couple downsizing with estate sale Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC supports individuals & families with lifestyle transitions. We can sell ‘extra’ items not needed in a new residence. Contact us today for free consultation.


Cleanout Services

cleanout house of stuff dispose items Need to quickly cleanout a residence? Have household valuables, but not enough for an estate sale? Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC has the solution. Contact us today for free consultation.


Sell Your
Silver and Gold

buy sell gold silver Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC buys gold & sterling silver. In as little as 24 hours, coins, flatware, jewelry & sterling pieces can be turned into cash. Contact us today for free consultation.

Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation

vintage bottles

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC offers Estate Sale services, and Professional Cleanout services for our clients.

An Estate Sale is the method of selling the contents of a home, warehouse, or other facility, in the event of death, downsizing, divorce or debt.

Household items do not have to be old or valuable. Items just need to be sellable. An estate sale professional can provide a free consultation to determine if home contents would make for a good sale.

At Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, we professionally transform our client’s home into a retail store for a one- to three-day sale, staffed by professionals. Prior to the sale, we prepare the home and it’s contents for the sale. There is no prep work required by the client. Estate sales are also known as Estate Liquidations, or Tag Sales.

Professional Cleanout services are offered for clients who don’t have enough for an estate sale, but need to empty a home. Items are either sold (via our extensive network of contacts), donated, or picked up by a refuse collector. For more information, click HERE.

Estate sales provide a quick means of disposing all items in a residence or location. Typically the estate sale company will retain a percentage of the sales in exchange for payment. At the end of the sale, unsold items can be donated to a charity, or sold via auction.

Homeowners and executors of estates are often surprised at how much value is in the home’s contents. Everything from linens and paper products to furniture and kitchenware are sellable. Even items attached to the home such as ceiling fans, mirrors, shelves, & chandeliers are often sold as part of the sale as well. Estate sale professionals price items according to the what they will sell in their market, and conduct a two to three day sale to sell the contents. Often, items not sold on the first day are offered at a discount on the last day.

Estate sales businesses should be licensed, bonded and insured. Receipts of all items sold, and an accounting of all transactions should be standard procedure. Be wary of estate sale businesses that do not provide receipts and/or an accounting of all transactions.

For an Estate Sale ‘Shopper,’ it is a treasure hunt experience! Hundreds of people visit any given estate sale in a weekend. Some are looking for specific items, while others don’t know what they are looking for until they find it! Shoppers include vintage lovers, collectors, designers, artists, economy shoppers, home owners, students, business owners, and many more treasure hunters.

Downsizing and Lifestyle Transition

Typically this can be a whole house, or several rooms in a home. Depending upon the amount of household items you have, we can determine what method of disbursement offers you the most cash for your treasures, within your designated time-frame.

No matter what your situation, we can find a solution for you. If we can’t help you, we will offer alternative options.

Professional Cleanout Services

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC is the FIRST to offer Professional Cleanout Services in the Triangle area!


For homeowners that don’t have enough items for a traditional estate sale, Professional Cleanouts are the perfect solution to empty a home.

Professional Cleanouts (one word; no dash) is Trusted Treasures’ method of disbursing household items in a professional, efficient manner while selling the valuables in the home.  The home’s contents are divided into sell, donate, & refuse, and the process is coordinated by Trusted Treasures Estate Sales professionals.

For clients that don’t have enough items for full Estate Sale, but need to empty their or their parent’s home as a result of downsizing, death, divorce, or relocation, a Cleanout is an ideal solution.  The Cleanout process can take as little as a few days, and we guarantee an empty home at thsolde end of the process.

A family doing a Cleanout on their own can take 6 months or more, and can be an emotional and tedious process. 

Today, even non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill are turning down items because they do not sell at their retail Donation-Boxlocations. These items, often termed as ‘brown furniture,’ can be difficult to dispose.  The good news is Trusted Treasures has  the resources and network to efficiently empty a home.

After Trusted Treasures Estate Sales evaluates a client’s home and it’s belongings, owner Karen Meier & her sjunk-removal-trucktaff
sorts the contents of the entire home, and divides items into three categories: Sell, Donation & Refuse (trash).   They coordinate the pickup, sale, and disposal of all the items in the home.

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales uses their extensive contact network of local buying professionals to sell their client’s items.  This includes buyers for furniture, antiques, jewelry, photographs, clothes, tools, appliances and much more.  

For silver andIMG_1596 estate jewelry, we have a relationship directly with the end-users, so we can offer top dollar for customer’s precious metals.

Donateable (nonsellable) items are inventoried, and one or more local nonprofit agency is contacted for pickup. For items that cannot be sold or donated, Trusted Treasu
res Estate Sales contracts with a local refuse business to remove these items from the premises. 

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales realizes that each client is unique.  We will evaluate your needs to determine the right estate service solution for your situation. Call today for a free evaluation, at 919-802-7386.

Trusted, Reliable & Custom Estate Sale Services

Serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & surrounding areas

estate sale banner in front of house Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC is a full service Estate Sale business. Trusted Treasures Estate Sales offers estate liquidation for all types of properties, particularly condos, townhomes, single-family residences.

Lifestyle transitions can be particularly difficult, especially when faced with a home full of furniture, collections, treasures & heirlooms.

If you are facing the loss of a loved one, downsizing, divorcing, or relocating, we can help ease your transition with a Trusted Treasures Estate Sale.

We stage & manage weekend sales of household contents in a caring, respectful manner. Our goal is to sell all items, while maximizing sale proceeds for you, our Client.

If you don’t have enough items for an estate sale, we offer general estate services. We work with our clients to fully empty the home, and disperse household items via buyout, donation, or auction.

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales primarily prides itself on trust, integrity and obligation to our clients. We treat our client’s household items as if they were our own, taking care to protect the contents, the property, and the integrity and dignity of treasures & heirlooms.

Trusted Treasures Estate Sales respects and understands the difficulty in ‘letting go’ of you or your loved one’s treasured past. Customers shopping Trusted Treasures Estate Sales’ estate sales are thrilled to be getting their special treasure that was once someone else’s special treasure. Whether it’s a set of china, household decor, furniture, or linens, it becomes a true ‘treasure’ to them.

Click HERE to see how we service our clients in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the Triangle region of North Carolina.

5000 Pennies for Your Thoughts. We Want to Hear from YOU!

Posted on February 7, 2015 by Trusted Treasures

EVERY customer has a story. We want to hear YOURS! 

Send us your photo or video story!*
gift card

Did you buy an awesome piece at one of our sales?  Why did you buy it?  Or why do you just LOVE it?   Does it remind you of someone or something?Or do you just want to tell us why you love our sales?

We will post and share on FB, G+, YouTube, Pinterest or our website!   Please refer to the Guidelines below for details.  We will have two winners…one for photo/story submission and one for video submission!

Winners will be determined by the most creative, interesting, or unique submission.

Send submissions to: Karen@TrustedTreasuresUSA.com 
march 1 imageSubmission Deadline
:  March 1, 2015 (winner will be announced by April 1, 2015-and it’s no April fool’s joke!)

*Guidelines (yes, we have some you need to follow, but they’re easy!):

-Must be an item purchased at a Trusted Treasures Estate Sale
-You can include yourself in the photo if you choose (we love to see the enthusiasm on our customer’s faces!)
-Include a short description of your purchase (for example,”I purchased this fabulous gold mid-century lamp because it reminded of the one my mom had in our living room when I was growing up in the 1970s.  I added a new lamp shade and I now have it as a reading lamp next to my bed.”)
-By sending us a photo story, you agree to let Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC use your photo online or in web posts.
Videosvideo image
-Videos must show an item purchased at a Trusted Treasures Estate Sale
-Videos can be a maximum of 30 seconds
-All videos must include, as the opening line, “I shopped a Trusted Treasures Estate Sale…”
-You, yourself, do not need to be in the video (but we do like the see the excitement on our customer’s faces!)
-By sending us a video, you agree to let Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC use your video online or in web posts.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!!


Trusted Treasures Estate Sales, LLC is your full service Estate Sale solution. Trusted Treasures Estate Sales Raleigh Durham Chapel HillTrusted Treasures Estate Sales conducts on-premise sales for estate liquidation, downsizing, and lifestyle transitions for all types of properties throughout the Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Trusted Treasures Estate Sales also manages cleanouts and buys/sells gold and silver.

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